WinDays 16 session: UWP XAML Behaviors

This was my fifth year in a row of speaking at the most important Microsoft conference in Croatia, WinDays 16, where I gave two session. The first one was about XAML Behaviors, and the second one was about Entity Framework Core 1.0 in UWP apps. This article has the presentation I gave about XAML Behaviors plus the link to the demos for that session. PowerPoint presentation: Link to GitHub demos: Code includes EventTriggerBehavior demo DataTriggerBehavior demo Custom behaviors/actions demo…

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How to render an SVG file in XAML on Windows 10 UWP

GitHub timeline can be pretty useful if you follow the right people. :) Lately I've discovered a couple of great open source projects this way, and one of them is SvgForXaml. It's using Win2D to draw SVG files straight into XAML! There are a couple of easy steps to take in order to get this library up and running. As far as I can see, there's no Nuget package at the moment, so one way to add the library to your project is to make a build yourself and add it to references. I had some build problems out of the…

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Three ways to set specific DeviceFamily XAML Views in UWP

The new Universal Windows Platform brings a new feature known as DeviceFamily specific views which allows developers to define specific XAML views for specific device families (Desktop, Mobile, Team, IoT etc.). This can be really useful if you want to have major differences in your UI for different device families. Yes, RelativePanel is nice, and so are the VisualStateTriggers, but XAML can get really huge if you want to make major changes. This way we can define a completely specific XAML and share the code behind. There are three ways to set specific device family XAML view. Let's just assume…

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