Using SQLite in Windows 10 Universal apps

Using SQLite in Windows 10 Universal apps (UWP) is really easy even in this preview phase. Even though Entity Framework 7 support for Windows 10 Universal apps is almost here, you still might decide to just continue using a lighter SQLite.Net-PCL library that you're used to since Windows Phone 8/WinRT. Note that that everything here is written using Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10074 and Technical Preview Tools version 10.0.10069.0, so things can change. Also, SQLite extension is in pre-release, so things can break, stop working or change. EDIT: Post has been updated with the…

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3 dangers of Windows RelativePanel

We got a great new layout panel in Windows 10 apps called RelativePanel. It's really easy to use, although as XAML developers, we're used to thinking about layout based on Grids and StackPanels and similar panels. RelativePanel requires a slightly different way of thinking about layout, but it simplifies adaptability and can really help in reducing XAML both to describe layout and to define different VisualStates. However, there are some dangers and scenarios to keep in mind when defining the layout using RelativePanel and it will take some time for developers to get used to it. Note that that everything…

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WinDays 15: Universal UI in Windows 10 Universal apps

This week I gave a presentation at the most important Microsoft event in Croatia (and possibly this region) about Windows 10 development, more accurately about news related to creating universal, adaptive UI in Windows 10 apps. This included 3 new concepts based on what we've seen in the first developer tools preview - SplitView, RelativePanel and state triggers. The presentation went really well in my opinion. The audience seemed quite interested in Windows 10, there were around 80 people at the session, which is a bit more than I usually got for Windows Phone development sessions. Note that that everything…

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MenuFlyout subitems in Windows 10 Universal apps

A very useful new feature has been added to MenuFlyouts in Windows 10 Universal apps: from now on, we can add subitems/submenus, which allows us to group items and open/show them as requested. When mouse is available, the submenu opens on mouse-over event, and when only touch is available it opens on a tap. You can also use keyboard to navigate through items, and open the submenu item sections. It's really easy to use subitems. Just create a MenuFlyout and add a MenuFlyoutSubItem item wherever you need it. MenuFlyoutSubItem then takes more MenuFlyoutItem items. Note that that everything…

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Getting started with SplitView control in Universal apps

SplitView is a new, interesting control available in Windows 10 Universal apps and it is actually nothing more than a navigation affordance, as it's called in the Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview. It's also a very customizable control which doesn't really force any kind of style on you by default, except for the bare minimum of how it behaves when opened (Pane DisplayMode set to Inline, Overlay, Compact Inline, Compact Overlay), there's a default animation etc. Here's how it looks in the Xbox Music app when the pane is collapsed: and here's the same app when pane is open:…

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