Using SQLite in Windows 10 Universal apps

Using SQLite in Windows 10 Universal apps (UWP) is really easy even in this preview phase. Even though Entity Framework 7 support for Windows 10 Universal apps is almost here, you still might decide to just continue using a lighter SQLite.Net-PCL library that you're used to since Windows Phone 8/WinRT. Note that that everything here is written using Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10074 and Technical Preview Tools version 10.0.10069.0, so things can change. Also, SQLite extension is in pre-release, so things can break, stop working or change. EDIT: Post has been updated with the…

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Composite primary keys in SQLite.Net

SQLite.Net-PCL is one of the best SQLite client/ORM out there in a PCL form supporting Windows Store and Universal apps. It's open source, but it's not feature complete, and you may learn the hard way that some things are missing. Being open source is a good thing, which means that you can add support for anything you can imagine or need yourself. One of the things missing (currently, in the master branch of the original repo) is support for composite primary keys. Composite primary keys (or compound, there's a subtle difference) basically mean that you can use two…

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SQLite logic error or missing database - now what?

I've spent a few hours today trying to figure out why SQLite (and SQLite.Net-PCL) wasn't working in a Windows Phone 8 app, but the same code and same library worked in WPF app. If you're facing this exception when working with SQLite.Net-PCL, I hope this post will help you resolve it quicker. First of all, let's face it - even though we would all love to work on new Windows 10 Universal apps ever since the latest Developer Preview tools came out, most of us are still actually working on supporting and developing Windows Phone 8+ apps that…

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