Sinergija 14 sessions

This was my third year in a row as a speaker at Sinergija, Microsoft conference taking place in Belgrade. Here are a few words about my sessions and of course links to my presentations. The conference is clearly getting better every year. The venue and accommodation was wisely and well chosen, there's a bunch of young people running around making sure that everything runs smoothly, the attendees and organization member were pleasant. I'm happy for the opportunity to give two sessions alongside some great, experienced speakers and great experts. If you want to learn more about the agenda, visit the…

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Oh and just four more things

Feeling tired and exhausted after a really long but exciting day at Microsoft Sinergija conference in Belgrade where I had a late afternoon session about Windows Phone and augmented reality, I decided to mention four important things that I might have not written about earlier, or might have not emphasized enough. And I should have. Here they are, chronologically. Summer internship at Hammer/Insa Investment Software - I worked this whole summer in a small software company. I was developing 2 Windows 8 (WinRT) apps. I spent most of my time working on a WinRT version of the INSA iPad…

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