Advanced data caching in Windows Store apps

In this post we’ll be working with data caching in Windows Store apps using Q42.WinRT library and Flickr API, continuing from the last post “Data caching in Windows 8 apps”. Using the library, it’s very simple to do a lot more than just storing the data to local storage. The class we’ll be using today is called DataLoader, and it can be found in Q42.WinRT.Data namespace. It has three important bool properties which are easily bindable to your UI: IsError IsBusy IsFinished This way the class handles the loading states for you, exposing the…

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Data caching in Windows 8 apps

When working with a lot of data in apps based on web services (JSON return format being quite common), you’d normally want to cache it in order to make your apps faster and make your users spend less Internet traffic on refreshing which actually isn't necessary. Also, if the users opens your app while having no Internet connectivity, it’s nice to show him something, even though it’s cached data. It’s always possible to implement your own caching framework, but there’s a nice library already out there called Q42.WinRT which makes it very easy to…

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