Bing maps data bound pushpins fade-in animation

When you use Bing Maps and place pushpins on it, you have two basic options. One is to fetch all the pushpins (actually, locations) from some service and then programmatically add them to the map, or you can bind all the pins (locations) through MapItemsControl with ObservableCollection. In this article, I’ll show you how to add pins from the background worker in case you’re fetching a lot of them at the same time and you’re using data binding, and also how to create a smooth animation to make the pins fade-in as they become available. I will…

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Show a tooltip for tapped pushpin on Windows Phone

I’ve been working on a Windows Phone project which includes a lot of pushpins on Bing maps which carry information important to the user. Now, I wanted some form of interaction in the form of a tooltip – user can request more information about particular pushpin by tapping on it. Of course, the word tooltip might be misleading because it usually involves mouse pointer placed above a control for a short period of time before the tooltip gets shown. There is no such thing on Windows Phone like placing a mouse pointer over a control, but the effect can easily…

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