Tips and tricks for better and faster Windows 10 UWP apps

I gave a session today about "10 tips for better Windows 10 UWP apps" at the Microsoft Advanced Technology Days event in Zagreb, Croatia. It's a 2 day event with 400+ attendees and it's pretty cool. The PowerPoint presentation is in the post! This is a selection from a bunch of resources made available over the last couple of months, starting from Build Build presentations and videos Channel9 videos MSDN blogs (and others) MSDN documentation Visual Studio magazine ... It's quite challenging to show all these things in 60 minutes, but I think it's all good stuff. Hope you'll find this…

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Measuring startup performance when using .NET Native Developer Preview

I got really excited about .NET Native technology last week when I first heard about it during Build. I wanted to measure performance in my Windows Store apps to see how it can improve it (especially startup times!), and in order to do that I was going to user EventSource and PerfView. Unfortunately, something didn't work, but the team helped me go around it! .NET Native is a new (cloud) compiler technology from Microsoft which, in essence, makes it simple to write apps using C# (which we love and we're really productive in it, right?) with C++ performance. It's in…

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MetroGridHelper performance with Windows 8.1

MetroGridHelper is a small helper class for XAML WinRT apps developed by Mark Monster which helps build perfectly aligned apps. As far as I remember, the idea for a metro grid helper goes back to early Windows Phone 7 development and a version for Windows Phone by Jeff Wilcox (Mark also credits him in his blog post). I've been noticing performance issues with it in Windows 8.1 apps during loading. Basically, splashscreen stays on much longer. Even though you should only be using MetroGridHelper while testing your apps so it won't make you fail during certification, it can still…

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