Cancel page navigation in MVVM Light and WinRT

There are often situations in which you may want to cancel navigation. Imagine a form being filled in, and all of a sudden user accidentaly presses back button and ... whooops ... all entered data is gone. In that particular situation you might want to ask the user if he wanted to do that and if he wanted to preserve the data already entered. This article shows how to do it "MVVM-way" using MVVM Light. When it comes to properly handling navigating to and from a page using MVVM Light, I really like the approach suggested by Marco Minerva in his blog…

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MVVM Light session at Advanced Technology Days 10

I love talking about MVVM and encourage developers working with XAML platforms to at least explore it, learn more about it, and consider using it in whatever way works best for them and their team. I also love the simplicity of MVVM Light and how it's really easy to learn it and start using it quickly. I delivered a session at Microsoft Advanced Technology Days 10 event in Zagreb, Croatia, last week, and here's my presentation. The session includes some really basic info about MVVM as a pattern. Then I moved on to MVVM Light trying to cover as much…

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