Microsoft MVP for Windows Development

After being involved in the community activities for 5 years, focusing mostly on Windows Phone and Windows development, on January 1st I became a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development category. I am honored and happy to be among all the other great Windows development experts who share their knowledge both online and offline, helping others build better apps for the Windows platform. I learned to love community involvement back when I was a student. It felt amazing (and still does, every day) to be able to provide content that actually helps others to do their job or simply to build…

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Oh and just four more things

Feeling tired and exhausted after a really long but exciting day at Microsoft Sinergija conference in Belgrade where I had a late afternoon session about Windows Phone and augmented reality, I decided to mention four important things that I might have not written about earlier, or might have not emphasized enough. And I should have. Here they are, chronologically. Summer internship at Hammer/Insa Investment Software - I worked this whole summer in a small software company. I was developing 2 Windows 8 (WinRT) apps. I spent most of my time working on a WinRT version of the INSA iPad…

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