Getting started with free Metro (Modern UI) charts for Windows 8

Charts are a part of (probably) all the commercial controls that are being sold for different platforms (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows 8 etc.). Those commercial controls often bring a lot more than just charts and sometimes they cost a lot more than a single, hobby developer can afford. What if you need only to visualize your data using charts and you're low on budget? Try the free Metro (Modern UI) charts. Free Metro (Modern UI) charts Free Modern UI charts are available on CodePlex since the beginning of this month. They were written by Torsten Mandelkow for Windows 8,…

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Modern UI PowerPoint template

Modern UI, Microsoft Design Style, Metro... Doesn't matter really in this case. I was looking for a PowerPoint template to use in my presentations and didn't find many clean and nice online. I didn't want Windows 8 start screen in my presentations, but clean interface with Segoe font and maybe some solid fill rectangles in great looking colors. I found one which was looking OK and working great, so I modified it to fit my needs, created dark and light versions and now I'm sharing it. The only free, good looking and great working 'Metro' template I found was the…

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