Screen capture to media library instead of isolated storage

One of the things REALLY missing on Windows Phone is the ability to take screenshots inside of your application, because emulator often doesn’t let you do what you like. One of the things is that when you want to load and display data such as photos and music, it only gives you a few shots available, but there’s no way for you to use your own photos or your own music. In this article, I’ll edit one class for screen capturing which you can use in your application, and show you how to save it to the…

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MediaLibrary songs and artwork both on emulator and device

Recently I found a question online concerning the songs from the Windows Phone media library. Basically the problem was how to test the song retrieval on the emulator (where you actually don’t have your library), and how to get the artwork, which is related to the album, not the particular song. The process is explained in this post, and shows how to bind the collection of songs (artwork included) to a ListBox, and what happens when you try to do that in the emulator. Your device probably has music in the media library. It could be filled with songs…

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