Always happy to see my Windows Phone updated

I really always am. Even though I don’t see changes this time, the fact that I actually do receive updates and the fact that the updates are coming to people no matter which device they have is really great. This time, the updates seem to be coming randomly to people, and yesterday I got my notification, too! Seems like the updates for Samsung Omnia 7 at Deutsche Telekom are coming! What’s in the update?I got two updates this time. One was for the OS, from Microsoft, and the other was from Samsung. The Windows Phone OS update…

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Mangos taste better than apples

When I held my first presentation about Windows Phone (November 2010), I didn't even own one. I think I did a good job anyway, but many things got much clearer the first day I got my first Windows Phone device. At the time, WP was missing a lot of things, especially compared to all the other mobile devices, but that didn't turn me away. I knew that the guys at Microsoft knew how to make a copy-paste function or how to make threads in e-mail view, and that it was just a matter of time when all that would be…

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