Using SwapChainPanelRenderer to improve real-time rendering in Lumia Imaging SDK 3

In my previous blog post about PropertyDescriptions in Lumia Imaging SDK 3 I wrote some code for rendering effect results in real-time that wasn't really that good and resulted in performance issues. To be fair, the blog post was about using PropertyDescriptions so rendering was used only for a more complete demo, but as I was reading the documentation I noticed a couple of ways to improve the code I wrote. In that code, whenever the slider was moved to change the strength of the blur effect, I would create a new WriteableBitmapRenderer to render the result. using (var renderer…

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Get valid effect range using property descriptions in Lumia Imaging SDK 3

Lumia Imaging SDK 3 is finally out. The long awaited SDK that was blocking some devs from porting their Windows 8.1 apps to Windows 10 UWP is now available with great new performance improvements and new features, but also some breaking changes. Highlights of the release are definitely Windows 10 support and GPU image processing that brings the performance improvements, but many more changes were squeezed in - you can find more details in the documentation. Silverlight apps are no longer supported though so if you want the latest magic from this SDK, porting to WinRT is necessary. If…

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