Great conference autumn in Croatia

After a bit of a lazy summer (well, not for me, but conference wise), it will get a bit more interesting regarding the conferences in Croatia this autumn. Traditionally, there's KulenDayz, Mobility Day, DevArena and a new event called the Geek Gathering. What do they offer and when - read in this post. Let's take a look chronologically. KulenDayz A regional MS Community event, now rebranded to "IT Innovation conference" is organized for the 5th time this year from 13th - 15th September. I wrote about Kulendayz last year and I also had a session about augmented reality and Windows…

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Oh and just four more things

Feeling tired and exhausted after a really long but exciting day at Microsoft Sinergija conference in Belgrade where I had a late afternoon session about Windows Phone and augmented reality, I decided to mention four important things that I might have not written about earlier, or might have not emphasized enough. And I should have. Here they are, chronologically. Summer internship at Hammer/Insa Investment Software - I worked this whole summer in a small software company. I was developing 2 Windows 8 (WinRT) apps. I spent most of my time working on a WinRT version of the INSA iPad…

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Official Windows 8 app for KulenDayz and MVP CEE & Italy Regional Summit

Part of every great technology conference/event is an app for at least one major mobile platform which makes it easier for the attendees to get around. It usually offers information about speakers, sessions, often has a Twitter part showing the latest twitts with the official hashtag etc. To make KulenDayz and MVP CEE & Italy Regional Summit events even better this year, the organization team developed Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. Domagoj Pavlešić developed the Windows Phone app, and I worked on the Windows 8 app. Check out what we’ve got for you! If you haven’t…

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Windows Phone Augmented Reality session at KulenDayz

Today, the agenda for MS Community event in Croatia known as KulenDayz got refreshed, and my session got accepted and became a part of the ‘Windows Phone’ track! I am very excited about it because I explained earlier why KulenDayz is a special event to me. So, besides being a part of the organization team, I will get a chance to speak about a very exciting and challenging topic. Here’s what you can expect to hear if you are coming to KulenDayz! I’ve been interested in augmented reality (AR) for quite some time now. I delivered a session…

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KulenDayz 2012 – Regional MS Community Event in Croatia

My first KulenDayz conference was 2 years ago, September 2010. I remember it very well because it was very special to me - it was the first technical conference I’ve ever attended. So many great professionals and people from Microsoft community that you can simply come up and talk to, ask questions, or just have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with them. Guess what! KulenDayz conference will take place again this year in the beautiful surroundings and nature of Baranja, Croatia. This year I am more of an insider on this event being a part…

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