How to pin a HubTile to start screen

One of the questions on my blog (I love when people ask smart questions and leave nice comments :) ) was how to pin a hubtile to start screen, as a normal live tile. This post will describe the method, continuing on the article about the hubtiles I wrote earlier. I created a few hubtiles in that article and now I want to be able to pin the hubtile by using the context menu on hold event, to resemble the usual procedure for pinning. For the purpose of this article, we will use the ContextMenu that opens on hold with only one…

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How to use the HubTile control

I've used a new control in my latest demo app, called HubTile which is a part of the latest Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit (August - Mango release) In this post I will describe how to use HubTiles, including how to style them to be more appropriate for your own application. HubTiles let you easily use tiles inside of your application. I've seen a numerous forum posts where people asked about creating a button that looked like a tile - large square with no borders, that responded to tapping. Well, the answer to those was almost always styling a button,…

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