Scrolling GridView by placing mouse on edge

The start screen on Windows 8 has an interesting feature - it scrolls if you move your mouse to left or right edge, without the need for scrolling using the mouse wheel. I pretty much never use it because the scrolling is rather slow, and I usually know where I want to go so I can scroll faster, but for reading and exploring purposes, slower scrolling can come in handy. How to accomplish it using the GridView control to make a pointer scrolling GridView? Disclaimer: this is something I played with and decided to share with everyone on my personal…

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How to set vertical title in Windows 8 GridView items

One of the issues when it comes to space and properly designing a GridView on devices with 768 pixels of height is the fact that the title of each GridView item can often take just the amount of space on the top that you need to fit all your data. Considering the fact that the GridView is predefined to scroll horizontally and that in landscape orientation you get more space horizontally, why not put the title of each item vertically next to the item and get those approx. 60-100 pixels back. Plus, it looks really cool. Read more to find…

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