Make FQL queries from the latest Windows 10 Facebook SDK

Facebook integration is often a vital component of any app that requires some sort of social network integration. That's probably why Microsoft wrote and open-sourced a new one in July, even before Windows 10 got officially released. Yeah, it's on GitHub and it's a bit different than the one we were used to back on Windows Phone 8.1 (however, it also works on Windows/Windows Phone 8.1!), but the functionalities should (mostly) match. If you're interested in the official documentation, it's also available on GitHub. However, one thing is missing, and that is - how to make FQL…

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Share photos on Facebook from Windows Phone app

Sharing photos on Facebook from your Windows Phone app is one of the scenarios for which you need Facebook inside your app. In my last article, I wrote about the first step of creating a Facebook enabled app, which is authentication. After the user is successfully authenticated, you can start doing things like sharing and uploading photos. This article will show you the simplest way to do it! Let’s start with my last article - Facebook authentication from Windows Phone app. Finishing with implementing code from that article, I will assume that you have acquired AccessToken and UserID and…

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Facebook authentication from Windows Phone app

To share statuses on Facebook from your Windows Phone app, all you have to do is use a launcher called ShareStatusTask, and the system takes care of the rest (in case your phone is connected to social networks where you’d like to share). In cases other than simple statuses or links (for example, photos), you need to take care of connecting your app to Facebook yourself. This would be a tricky thing if you had to write all the code yourself, but luckily there’s a library called Facebook C# SDK that handles much of the trouble for you.…

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