Windows App Certification Kit error - doesn’t show all apps

Windows App Certification Kit is a great tool for all the developers who wish to publish their Windows 8 apps on the official Windows Store. It makes a bunch of tests to make sure your app works as it should (according to specific application certification requirements). The only problem is – sometimes it doesn’t show your app on the list of installed WinRT apps. What to do if that happens? It happened to me today. I wanted to run WACK on my latest app. It offered me pretty much ALL the apps I have installed, EXCEPT the one I wanted…

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Windows Phone location tool in emulator down? No problem!

To enable developers to test applications that somehow rely on location services without having an actual device, Microsoft added a location tool to the Windows Phone emulator back in Mango release. For some reason, the tool stopped working and the Bing map is not rendered if you try to use it today. Without a map, you can’t add pushpins to it which would simulate your device actually having latitude and longitude – location somewhere on Earth. Luckily, there’s a workaround! EDIT: The problem has been recognized by Microsoft, and the team seams to be working on it. Currently, there…

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