Twitter authentication from Windows Phone app

Just like with Facebook, sharing statuses on Twitter from Windows Phone app can be simply accomplished using ShareStatusTask launcher. A more complicated scenario is when you want to share a photo on Twitter. In order to do that, you first need to authenticate the user from your app to allow your app to communicate with Twitter and then to upload photos. This article will show you how to do the authentication part. Before doing the authentication, you need to make sure you register your app on: Login with your Twitter account. Create a new application…

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Facebook authentication from Windows Phone app

To share statuses on Facebook from your Windows Phone app, all you have to do is use a launcher called ShareStatusTask, and the system takes care of the rest (in case your phone is connected to social networks where you’d like to share). In cases other than simple statuses or links (for example, photos), you need to take care of connecting your app to Facebook yourself. This would be a tricky thing if you had to write all the code yourself, but luckily there’s a library called Facebook C# SDK that handles much of the trouble for you.…

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MVP Reconnect - say hi on Twitter

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