Some of the apps are not updated anymore because a serious lack of free time. Some of the apps stopped working because the accompanying web services have been terminated since by the organizations I developed those apps for.

I have worked on many more apps as a freelancer and for my employer, but they are their reference so I can't really share a lot more here.

Windows Phone apps:

Photo Light - Photo editing app, 120 000+ downloads so far. Awarded second place at the Windows Phone development competition held in Croatia in 2012.

ISIC Benefits - official app for ISIC organization. Find ISIC benefits around you using this app.

BEST.HR - application for BEST Zagreb, a voluntary non-profit student organization that provides the students of the University of Zagreb with a possibility of extra education in the chosen area of expertise, contacts with future employers etc.

Drafter - app for writing text message drafts for different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and others. Think about the content now, send it later.

Perica - application that works as a timer and a stopwatch. Built in 2011.

Fish stew (Fish paprikas) - This app gives you the list of ingredients needed to cook a fish stew for any number of people. It also gives you a recipe for a fish stew step by step. Localized to English and Croatian.

Windows Store apps:

Bug & Mreža - application for Bug and Mreža magazines, most popular IT magazines in the Croatia. This app was developed by the company I work for,, but I solely did planning of the architecture of the app and development on the client side. - application for Microsoft Community in Croatia. It offers information about the User Group meetings/events for the current and the following month, information about specific User Groups and events etc.

Mobility Day 2012 - the official Windows 8 application for Mobility Day 2012 conference. Mobility Day 2012 Conference, is targeting business decision makers and IT professionals who are involved in business and technical aspects of mobile solutions. Not maintained or working anymore due to underlying web-sevice getting shut down.

MSNetwork 3 - the official Windows 8 application for Microsoft Network 3 conference held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not maintained or working anymore due to underlying web-sevice getting shut down.

Igor Ralic

igor ralic

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Windows Store Apps in C#