Microsoft MVP for Windows Development

After being involved in the community activities for 5 years, focusing mostly on Windows Phone and Windows development, on January 1st I became a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development category. I am honored and happy to be among all the other great Windows development experts who share their knowledge both online and offline, helping others build better apps for the Windows platform.
I learned to love community involvement back when I was a student. It felt amazing (and still does, every day) to be able to provide content that actually helps others to do their job or simply to build something in their free time that excites them. If you think about it, community is immensely important in the everyday life of any developer. We all search online for solutions to some problems we encounter. Where do we find most of the answers, good examples or simple tricks that just work? It's often Stack Overflow. It's often on various tech blogs. Those answers or blog posts didn't just miraculously appear - people invested a lot of free time to write that useful content, and I am proud that Microsoft recognizes the importance of these (and all other!) contributions, including mine!
In fact, if you're a developer, maybe you too can get involved? Or encourage other good developers to share what they know? Online or offline - it doesn't matter.

MVP for Windows Development

I want to thank the local DX and other MVPs for support over the years. It's been a great pleasure and I hope that the MVP award will bring me more challenges and opportunities and that my contributions to the Microsoft community will only get better in 2016.

About Igor Ralic

Software engineer at Microsoft. Running for Office. Passionate about making an impact with great apps & services. Stays close to coffee and away from coriander. Opinions expressed here are my own.