WinDays 15: Universal UI in Windows 10 Universal apps

This week I gave a presentation at the most important Microsoft event in Croatia (and possibly this region) about Windows 10 development, more accurately about news related to creating universal, adaptive UI in Windows 10 apps. This included 3 new concepts based on what we've seen in the first developer tools preview - SplitView, RelativePanel and state triggers.

The presentation went really well in my opinion. The audience seemed quite interested in Windows 10, there were around 80 people at the session, which is a bit more than I usually got for Windows Phone development sessions.

Note that that everything in the presentation was done using Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041 and Technical Preview Tools, so things can change in the future.

Here's the PowerPoint presentation:

Seems that embedding the presentation works only in IE, but not in Chrome and Firefox. If you know why, please leave a comment so I can fix it. If it's not working for you, you can see it directly on OneDrive:

All the demos are available on GitHub.

If you want to learn more, I encourage you to:

If you were at my session, thanks and I hope to see you again at WinDays 16 conference!

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