Launch motion settings without SensorCore SDK

Launch motion settings without SensorCore SDK

I've been playing with SensorCore SDK lately, and a part of the SDK is the possibility to launch the system motion settings on the device straight from the app to allow the user the change settings related to motion data collection. Here's a tip on how to launch it without the SensorCore SDK!

As you probably already know, a way to launch different settings or other apps from your app is to call LaunchUriAsync method like this

await Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri("ms-settings-emailandaccounts:///"));  

In this case, the e-mail and accounts settings page gets opened.

So, in order to launch the motion settings, you need to use the following call:

await Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri("sensesettings:///"));  

Or in other words - the sensesettings: URI scheme.

motion settings on Windows Phone 8.1

This info is hidden in the documentation, but I thought it might be useful as a tip especially to people writing apps which allow shortcuts and tiles to be pinned for different settings.

Of course, have in mind that only a handful of devices have motion sensor enabled due to better and newer hardware (Lumia 630, 930, Icon, 1520 etc.), so in case of older/other devices, this would result in a popup asking you to search the Windows Phone Store and install apps for this task.

Happy coding!

Igor Ralic

igor ralic

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