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I love Nokia and Windows Phone. And I love what Nokia has been doing for Microsoft mobile platform and especially for all the developers investing their time and energy to develop for the platform which is growing, but is still not at the point where we, developers, would want it to be. One of the things Nokia is doing at the moment is the Nokia Create global competition.

Nokia Create banner

Nokia organized this competition around 8 categories

  • Image and Photo
  • NFC
  • Maps and Places
  • Music
  • Cross-8
  • Fun and Games
  • Work Life
  • Freestyle


in 15 missions and made sure to motivate you with a bunch of amazing prizes! For example, you could win Nokia Lumia devices of your choice, Nokia Gear, Xbox, app promotions, DVLUP XPs, and even a trip to Mobile World Congress next year!

Two main types of missions exist - mini and master missions, with different deadlines (some mini missions are already over, but there are more to come!). I am not going to copy paste other details from the official website - just go there, register and see how you can apply, win prizes and get noticed!

I'm a Nokia Create Mini Mission 1 Runner Up

Yesterday me and other 14 developers all around the world got an email with the following subject

"Congratulations on winning the Nokia Create Mini Mission"

I am a runner up of the Nokia Mini Mission 1 - Image and Photo with my app Photo Light, and according to the Nokia Create website, all the runner ups win a Nokia Lumia device and Nokia Gear. What a pleasant surprise after a long, long day. :)

Check out the other winners, there are some great apps listed there:

Congrats to all the other winners, especially to Joe Fernandez and Martin Zikmund. Choose your new Nokia devices wisely! :)

I've noticed that there were slightly less runner ups than I expected. I have no clue what the reason is, but it's possible that there weren't enough high quality apps submitted for the first mini missions. Then I asked myself, could it be that the developers don't know about this competition? Because I know a bunch of great Windows Phone developers and apps.

Maybe, so let's try and fix it. If you are a Windows Phone developer, do not miss this opportunity!

Oh and Microsoft, if you're reading this - please keep all these amazing developer things coming after acquiring Nokia! Developers, developers, developers! :)


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