Transferring blog to Azure Web Sites - fresh start

After quite some time, I am transferring blog to Azure Web Sites to have more and better control over it. This means better insight into what's happening regarding the traffic, better customization possibilities etc. Where are we now? What's next? How do you like the new theme?

Transferring blog to Azure Web Sites

This blog was running on ever since I've created it. When I started blogging back in the summer of 2011. I didn't want to be bothered with my own hosting, with customized themes etc. I wanted to make sure that I am able to create great and helpful content and get a decent amount of page visits. The more I blogged, the more I wanted to customize the look and feel of my blog and get more insight into who my audience is. So I decided that transferring blog to Azure Web Sites will be the next step.

Azure Web Sites make it really simple to create Wordpress blog from scratch. But the Wordpress itself makes it easy to transfer from one instance to another, so I simply exported and imported all of my content to Azure Web Sites Wordpress installation, also taking care of all the needed plugins. Then I made sure that my old domain works - - so that everything, including the permalinks stayed the same. Then I went through every single post I've written to make sure that all the pictures and all the source code looked great. It took me more than day to do all that, but now I'm extremely happy with the result. The theme is beautiful and responsive.

Where were we?

Unfortunately, there is one thing you can't transfer from the old blog - the Wordpress stats.  My stats have been merged with the new self hosted Wordpress blog thanks to the very helpful staff, along with my blog subcribers. Thanks guys! :)

After realizing that I was convinced even more that I wanted to host the blog myself - I want to have my stats uninterrupted, always, and forever. I made a screenshot of my old stats, so that it doesn't get lost completely.

The blog's been showing steady and decent growth over months, and I hope the new content I write will keep it that way. I know that this is far from a lot, but as long as the growth is obvious, I am happy with it because it shows that I am doing something right. 100 000 views is approaching - I'll have to think of something cool when that happens. :)

How do you like the new theme?

Small adjustments to the theme itself may happen over the next few days. If you're seeing the old theme, try again in a few hours, it will certainly refresh over the next 12 hours. If you notice that something is broken in one of the older posts, please let me know.

As Scott Hanselman explained it, Every developer should have a blog.

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