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Modern UI, Microsoft Design Style, Metro... Doesn't matter really in this case. I was looking for a PowerPoint template to use in my presentations and didn't find many clean and nice online. I didn't want Windows 8 start screen in my presentations, but clean interface with Segoe font and maybe some solid fill rectangles in great looking colors. I found one which was looking OK and working great, so I modified it to fit my needs, created dark and light versions and now I'm sharing it.

The only free, good looking and great working 'Metro' template I found was the one by Colin Eberhardt, which you can find here:

It's working great, but what I didn't like was the background, some gradients etc. I modified it to get:

  • wide presentation
  • solid colors
  • background with light light texture
  • section title slides
  • dark and light versions

You can see the "dummy" presentations here on my SkyDrive.

Dark version: (downloadable here: )

Light version: (downloadable here: )

There's a really light texture in the background of both themes, like in a notebook. There are many other nice textures that can be used in PowerPoint, or you can just use a solid color or a picture. It's up to you. Kudos goes to @colineberhardt for creating the initial version.

Feel free to modify the templates any way you like.

EDIT: Considering the author published his version under Creative Commons Attribution licence, the same licence applies to my versions, too. :)

If you use one of my templates, I would be glad to know. Ping me at @igrali.

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