Oh and just four more things

Feeling tired and exhausted after a really long but exciting day at Microsoft Sinergija conference in Belgrade where I had a late afternoon session about Windows Phone and augmented reality, I decided to mention four important things that I might have not written about earlier, or might have not emphasized enough. And I should have. Here they are, chronologically.

Summer internship at Hammer/Insa Investment Software - I worked this whole summer in a small software company. I was developing 2 Windows 8 (WinRT) apps. I spent most of my time working on a WinRT version of the INSA iPad app for clients of INSA clients. I was doing it in a very early and tough stage, prototyping what will hopefully become a released  app on the official Windows Store - almost no third party controls were available, SDK was not completely finished, Windows 8 wasn't officially and publically released (not counting the preview versions, of course - things changed a lot in the meantime), and no tablets were available. Luckily I had a great and supportive environment - thanks to Bernard, Igor, Mario, Maja, Darko and Chris for that. I had the chance to work on a large touch screen to test some cool app features, and I got to understand what it means to work in a company for 8+ hours a day and still get a lot of freedom and trust to implement design and features. At that time, I was one of maybe 2 or 3 people doing WinRT apps in Croatia seriously (my personal impression). What was also great is the fact the we organized a Microsoft Community event KulenDayz which ended as a combination of KulenDayz and MVP CEE Regional Summit. I am so proud to have been a part of that story with my Windows 8 app. Read more here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mvpawardprogram/archive/2012/10/23/mvps-turned-out-for-a-big-joint-event-in-cee.aspx It also led to the opportunity for me to be a speaker at that same event. Wow! http://igrali.com/2012/08/21/windows-phone-augmented-reality-session-at-kulendayz/

Mobility Day 2012 WinRT app - the first Croatian WinRT app on the Windows Store. Yes, one thing led to another and I was asked to develop a Windows 8 app for Mobility Day 2012 conference. And boy have I done it - it was finished in a short period of time, but polished thanks to the fact that I already did something similar for KulenDayz. And yes, it was displayed in the hotel lobby where the conference was held, and yes, it was downloaded almost 100 times (if you think about how many people have Windows 8 who attended the conference back then, and think about the number of attendees at the conference, you'll realize it's quite a big number). The first Croatian Windows Store app developed and published from my PC. Other than that, check out another 2 apps from Croatia developed by Domagoj! :)

Sinergija12 - today was my first time at Microsoft Sinergija conference in Belgrade, Serbia. Even though I was there was just one day, I got the chance to do 2 great things. The first is to deliver a session on Windows Phone and augmented reality. I can't say I had a huge audience, but I did my best to be energetic and I really felt adrenaline rushes at times trying to be convincing and entertaining. I wanted to explain the point of augmented reality on mobile devices (Windows Phone) to the audience, and I think I did - there was a lot of smiling and nodding during the presentations, and a lot of questions during and after the presentation. I think I did really well! One truly awesome experience! The second thing is that I got to spend some time and exchange at least one or two sentences with most of the MVPs and speakers in the speaker room and at other places too, especially with Toni, Romeo, Tomica, Tomislav, Adis, Dobrisa, Jelena, Alessandro, Zeljka, Dean, Enis. I was a part of this magnificent atmosphere and being there meant a lot to me.

Contributing to global launch of Windows 8 locally. Thanks to Tomislav from Microsoft Croatia, my friend and colleague Vedran and I got a chance to work on a very exciting and meaningful... Ah, can't say more. But I will, in just 2 days with another blog post and more information. Sorry. :)


Enough for today. First name basis. :)

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