Augmented reality session presentation

As I announced earlier, I had a session at KulenDayz conference about Windows Phone and augmented reality. You can hardly start talking about augmented reality before you cover some basic elements of it, which includes defining the augmented reality, classifying it, explaining sensors, camera, and all sorts of open source toolkits that make it simple to start creating augmented reality apps today. Find the presentation in this blog post

So, the agenda covered the following:

  • What is augmented reality?
  • What are sensors?
  • Which sensors are available in Windows Phone dev?
  • Why are they important in augmented reality (AR) solutions?
  • What can you accomplish combining location, maps, sensors and camera?
  • Why is open source so great?
  • A lot of demos (videos)

A lot of videos were presented and are a part of this presentation because it’s extremely difficult to demo sensors and augmented reality, unless you have an awesome camera or like official Microsoft speakers – a way to stream your Windows Phone screen on to the projector. (Microsoft, please give us devs this feature!!)

I removed it from the presentation itself because of the size (almost 200MB with videos). If you wish to see the videos, I’ll upload them on YouTube.

Now, as you’ll probably notice, there’s a big emphasis on sensors, because they are essential building blocks for augmented reality apps that are based on the phone knowing about it’s orientation and position. Sensors are less relevant if you’re doing a lot of image processing, feature detection etc. to display virtual elements over real life markers, but that’s not the scenario I really wanted to cover in this presentation.

I am also giving a session about this at the first ever Microsoft Student Partner virtual summit! :)

The presentation is on SkyDrive, so if you’re curious – check it out:

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