Windows Phone Augmented Reality session at KulenDayz

Today, the agenda for MS Community event in Croatia known as KulenDayz got refreshed, and my session got accepted and became a part of the ‘Windows Phone’ track! I am very excited about it because I explained earlier why KulenDayz is a special event to me. So, besides being a part of the organization team, I will get a chance to speak about a very exciting and challenging topic. Here’s what you can expect to hear if you are coming to KulenDayz!

I’ve been interested in augmented reality (AR) for quite some time now. I delivered a session at the Microsoft WinDays12 technology conference in Croatia this year, where I talked about Windows Phone multimedia and sensors. It was (and still is) an interesting combination of two topics that have much in common. Therefore it made sense to cover those in one session, which ended with augmented reality topic and a demo of a small augmented reality app (it was actually a video, because it’s difficult to demo augmented reality during the session…).

I also found it very interesting to learn about sensors as a part of a Robotics course at my faculty (thanks professor Robert Cupec!), which covered sensors that robots use to learn about themselves (know their position and rotation), and their environment so they can navigate and move around. At that point I realized I had some of those sensors in my pocket, in my Windows Phone device. Advanced technology enabled device manufacturers to insert tiny sensors into smartphones, making it possible for developers to create truly amazing scenarios. Why not start using it? People still don’t do it enough!

Let’s take a look what the official description of the session is:

At the time of advanced technology which enables device manufacturers to insert tiny but very sophisticated sensors into smartphones, many new development scenarios become available. Sensors such as accelerometer, compass and gyroscope combined with the image received from the camera (technically a light sensor), accessed through Windows Phone SDK and open source libraries, make it easy to create augmented reality applications. Suddenly, a Windows Phone device becomes aware of the world it lives in, and becomes a bridge between the physical and the digital world, connecting them with endless possibilities. The session will cover basics of the available sensors and how to use them, Windows Phone SDK support for creating augmented reality apps, open source libraries that make the job even easier, and in the end demonstrate how difficult (or easy) is to develop one such app.

To be a bit more precise, I will describe

  • sensors – which are available, what they really are, what can they tell you, what do they have in common, why do you need them, which ones do you need and which ones can you live without, how to use them (demos) etc.
  • augmented reality – what is it, what are the common scenarios, what support do you have in the SDK, how to combine sensors, location services, Bing maps to create awesome scenarios, which open source components are available to you that make the job easier etc.
  • demo – a Windows Phone AR app (well, a video again. Or not?) Surprise! :)

If you are at KulenDayz and you’re interested in this kind of stuff, make sure you join my session in a relaxed atmosphere :)

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