KulenDayz 2012 – Regional MS Community Event in Croatia

My first KulenDayz conference was 2 years ago, September 2010. I remember it very well because it was very special to me - it was the first technical conference I’ve ever attended. So many great professionals and people from Microsoft community that you can simply come up and talk to, ask questions, or just have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with them. Guess what! KulenDayz conference will take place again this year in the beautiful surroundings and nature of Baranja, Croatia. This year I am more of an insider on this event being a part of the organization team and I am very excited about all the great stuff surrounding the event!

First of all, some very important information:

When? 31. August - 2. September 2012

Where? Beli Manastir, Croatia

Website? http://www.kulendayz.com/


  • Pre conference workshops – Private cloud, SQL 2012, Windows Phone development, MS Project
  • Conference – 6 tracks – Dev, DB, Private Cloud, Cloud Dev, PM, Chalk&Talk, with over 40 attractive sessions delivered by top IT Experts from all around the world, many of them MVPs
  • Post conference events  - dinners, parties, traditional Baranja food and wine, adventures on Sunday morning...
  • A lot of MVPs from CEE and Italy attending (private) regional MVP summit event, but still a lot of them mingling around in a relaxed and friendly mood to talk to you :)
  • And so much more!

Price? 100 EUR for the whole package (I honestly recommend it), 50 EUR for everything except preconference training/workshops on Friday (accommodation is not included, but there are so many places you can stay at, some of them being really cheap http://www.kulendayz.com/accommodation/ )

EDIT: The agenda is available here: http://www.kulendayz.com/agenda

Registrations are already open, find it here:http://www.kulendayz.com/registration/

If you have any questions, contact the organization team at team@kulendayz.com

I am really excited about it and I hope you’ll join us to experience why this event is so special and why so many professionals from Croatia and region really love to attend! See you there! :)

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