Drafter app for creating message drafts available on Marketplace

Drafter app for creating message drafts available on Marketplace

Microsoft Croatia organized a Windows Phone app competition for students, that ended on March 4. I wasn’t sure if I had enough time to participate with a good app, being in the middle of a few other, more complex apps. But I decided that the idea I had could be realized quickly, and Drafter was born. If you want to know what it is, keep reading!

This if copied from the official description:

Drafter is the ultimate app for writing text message drafts for different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and others. Think about the content now, send it later.

It supports:

• Creating, editing and deleting drafts and reminders
• Subcategories for different types of drafts
• Reminder notification
• Live tiles for displaying the number of active reminders
• Sending message from app when notified

The application link on the Windows Phone Marketplace is here:


This is the main page of the app. It’s a pivot with two items, one that lists the available categories, and one that lists all of the added drafts (reminders):


If the item is coloured in orange, it means that the reminder is old or that you sent the draft message, so you can safely delete it. Green items mean that the drafts are set for some time in the future and/or haven’t been sent. There are 3 categories available in the current release: Birthdays, Anniversaries and Miscellaneous. If you click on the item in the all pivot item, you get a review page for sending the draft message:


If you added a contact with a draft, the app will pull its phone number and enable you to send it immediately. To add a draft, select a category from the categories pivot item and press the plus sign in the app bar.


You can delete multiple items or just tap and hold for the menu to open to delete a single item. You can even edit the draft by just tapping on it. This is the page for adding/editing items:


When the reminder shows up, you can tap on it and go to the app send/review page and send the draft in two taps:


And what’s really cool is that if you pin the app on the start screen, you get a live tile telling you how many reminders/drafts are active (set for the future):


What are you waiting for? Download and test it today. :)

Igor Ralic

igor ralic

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