Photo Light available on Windows Phone Marketplace

The project I’ve been working on for a while now, Photo Light, is available on Windows Phone Marketplace. Photo Light is a small and light application for common photo editing tasks, such as crop and resizing (full list of feature in this article). It’s free, and available in all markets. Download it, try it, and leave your impressions in feedback! In this article, I’ll show you a few screenshots and give more details.

These are the main features:

Photo Light is a small and light photo editor. It started as an enthusiastic project for personal image resizing purposes, and now includes many filter and features!

It includes image editing from both library and directly from camera.

Image editing includes:

·         Image resize

·         Crop

·         Convert to grayscale

·         Brightness filter

·         Contrast filter

·         Rotating

·         Sharpen

·         Blur

·         Emboss

·         Noise removal

Other features include:

·         Undo change

·         EXIF data display

·         Bing map pin where the photo was taken (if available inside the photo)

·         Working with photos larger than 2000x2000 pixels

·         Live tile showing the last opened/edited photo

·         Saving to Pictures library

·         Available directly from Pictures Hub and Picture Viewer as an extension

·         Displays new photo size and dimensions


This is the main screen, start page of the application. The app allows you to edit photo from library, or to take it and edit directly from the camera. You can also see the about page with all the details and links for feedback! If you choose to edit from the library, then you simply pick a photo from the library, and if you choose to edit from camera, you get to take the photo, and they both go to the same photo edit page, that looks like this:

It’s a pivot with 2 pages, one for photo edit and one for exif details. You can adjust dimensions, contrast and brightness from the available sliders, and from the application bar use features such as grayscale, rotate, undo, load another image or apply some of the filters.

You can crop the photo by drawing a rectangle on it and selecting apply:

The grid that is drawn inside the rectangle helps you crop the photo using the rule of thirds.

The exif page shows you the available details about the photo, and if you chose to save the location with the photo, it also shows you on the map where it was taken:

And that’s it. As I said, give it a try. It’s free, and it has some features (such as working with photos larger than 2000x2000 pixels) that even some of the commercial apps don’t have. Leave your feedback, rate the application, help me make it better in the future release (I already have so many ideas…) :)

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