WindowsPhoneGeek Valued Blogger and a free Toolkit e-book

Just a short post this time, more personal actually. I’ve been very busy, but I have to say that today I’ve been acknowledged as a WindowsPhoneGeek Valuable Blogger. What it basically means is that they consider my blog posts good and useful and they will feature my higher quality posts in their "Latest Development News" section that’s read by a bunch of people online. WindowsPhoneGeek is one of the best online independent Windows Phone development community (not affiliated in any way with the Microsoft Corporation), with the best resources for learning everything that concerns Windows Phone development.

I think this acknowledgement is nice because it’s the first official one I got for all the effort I put into writing all the posts. It takes a lot of time to do research on topics that haven’t been covered before.

It takes even more time to write articles/posts and think of demo applications that make sense and that would be useful to people who develop Windows Phone application. This is why every comment, retweet of article links and every article read means a lot to me. It means that the passion I have for the Windows Phone products and development gets recognized and will get recognized in the future. As I once might have written on this blog: I believe in the quality and success of many Microsoft products, but Windows Phone is definitely my favourite.

Now, on a more technical side, I wanted to share a great new e-book with you. It’s has been released by WindowsPhoneGeek and it covers Silverlight for Windows Phone toolkit in depth in 22 chapters and 246 pages and it’s FREE! Go and download it here.

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