Best 5+1 free Windows Phone apps

I've been using Windows Phone for 4 months now, so I can safely say that I know all the best free apps on the Marketplace. :) OK, I am exaggerating a bit - but I can definitely suggest a few of the free apps that I am using on daily basis. Some are popular, and some or not so much. But I hope that at least one will be a discovery for you. I will write a similar post every month, with new apps. :)

1. Bingle maps

Bingle maps is a map application. It's fast, easy to use, and reliable (from my experience). The author described the highlights in the app description:

  • Switch between Bing Maps and Google Maps.
  • Search whatever you want, wherever you like, whenever you need.
  • Tap your current location to drop a pin.
  • Hold down on anywhere else on the map to drop as many pins as you like.
  • Hold down on a pin to move it.
  • Tap on the pin to expand it.
  • Easily find directions between pins and current locatoin with the “from” and “to” button.
  • Browse and quickly navigate between pins, searches and itineraries through “Layers” page.
  • Share your pins and searches to others via sms or email.
  • Synchronize your pins with DropBox.

You can find more information at:

2. Calorie tracker

I accidentaly installed this application - I wasn't looking for a 'calorie tracker', but when I installed it, I realized what a great app it is. When I say 'great', I mean 'well designed', 'good performance' etc. I don't know if it will help you lose weight or something, but since it is free for limited time only, you should give it a try - you never know when you might need it ;)

The author's description:

LIVESTRONG.COM'S Calorie Tracker can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. Lose weight by setting your weight management goals and track your calories and progress.

The highlights:

  • The largest database of food and restaurant items
  • Customized daily calorie intake based on your goals
  • Weight tracking on your phone and online, with a bi-directional synch from web to phone
  • A diary of your caloric, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, sugar, fiber and protein intake

You can find more info at

3. CroParking

This is an application just for Croatian market, but I have to mention it! I use it every time I have to park my car somewhere (and pay for parking). It really saves you a few clicks when you are moving through crowds of people. If you are a driver from Croatia, or a tourist driver who knows a few Croatian words in Croatia, give it a try!

Simple application for paying parking in all towns in Croatia. Application uses geolocation to determine in which town you are located and offers only available zones. You can save as many cars as you want and easily switch between them. Includes a map showing your car location compared to your current position.

You can find more info at

4. Pandas vs Ninjas

Now, some games! Panda vs Ninjas is a great free alternative to Angry birds. It offers a lot of levels and a lot of fun time! It's obvious that it was inspired by Angry birds and that it's not at that quality level, but it's free, and if you didn't know Angry birds existed, this one would be your favourite! :)

Enjoy Pandas vs Ninjas with the following features: - Excellent animated graphics. - Beautiful sounds. - Great alternative to Angry Birds!

You can find more info at

5. Race and Battle free

Race and Battle  is a great free racing+shooting game. You control a small car, and shoot rockets at the other small car. You can also leave bombs for him.

RC cars armed with rockets and mines, battling on a miniature race track. 3D game with physics. Play against the phone or a friend (2 players on the same device). Choose between two different control modes: 1. Default mode, switch lane by tilting the phone, shoot and drop mines with buttons. 2. Compact mode: switch lane with virtual joystick, launch rockets by flicking upwards, drop mines by double-tapping. Controls are on the left of the screen if you choose the blue car, on the right if you choose the red car.

You can find more info at

(5+1). Perica

I cannot write this post without mentioning Perica. :)

I described it in more details in my last post: so I will not say anything more than that it is a timing (stopwatch + timer) application, and that that there will be an update very very soon, with new features.

I hope you find this post useful! Happy application downloading! :)

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