Launch motion settings without SensorCore SDK

I've been playing with SensorCore SDK lately, and a part of the SDK is the possibility to launch the system motion settings on the device straight from the app to allow the user the change settings related to motion data collection. Here's a tip on how to launch it without ... Read more »

Set supported orientations in XAML on Windows Phone 8.1

Being able to set supported orientations in XAML on every page by simply setting the SupportedOrientations property on PhoneApplicationPage is something Windows Phone developers are used to on Silverlight platform. However, with Windows Phone 8.1 and WinRT platform, it's possible to do so (only?) in code behind. On Windows ... Read more »

Get device information on Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT

I see many interesting question on StackOverflow every day. One of those today was the question about determining if Windows Phone 8.1 app is running in the emulator. Here's one way you can get that information! Finding out information about the device is useful in many ways, but one ... Read more »

//Publish/ event in Brežice, Slovenia - recap

This is a quick recap of the //Publish/ event in Brežice, Slovenia, which was a part of the global //Publish/ event. I wanted to share my impressions and pictures from the event. This //Publish/ satellite event took place in a small Slovenian place called Brežice, in a lively and very ... Read more »

Alignment grid in Universal WinRT apps

Alignment. So important and yet often forgotten by so many developers, especially the ones who don't work with designers. Remember Grid? It's here to stay with Windows Phone 8.1 and also with Universal apps. And yet, if you create a Silverlight Windows Phone 8.1 project, you get the ... Read more »

Show a context menu using MenuFlyout on Windows Phone 8.1

If you're used to developing apps for Windows Phone, then you probably used a ContextMenu as a part of your ListBox, LongListSelector or some other UI control at some point. In new, Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT apps, there's a much much easier way to get your context menu by ... Read more »

Measuring startup performance when using .NET Native Developer Preview

I got really excited about .NET Native technology last week when I first heard about it during Build. I wanted to measure performance in my Windows Store apps to see how it can improve it (especially startup times!), and in order to do that I was going to user EventSource ... Read more »

MetroGridHelper performance with Windows 8.1

MetroGridHelper is a small helper class for XAML WinRT apps developed by Mark Monster which helps build perfectly aligned apps. As far as I remember, the idea for a metro grid helper goes back to early Windows Phone 7 development and a version for Windows Phone by Jeff Wilcox (Mark ... Read more »