Output SQLite queries when using SQLite-net in Universal apps

When debugging code which works with databases, you'll often want to see the queries which are being executed to find possible bugs or simply understand how the database wrapper works. There's a simple way to do it if you use SQLite-net wrapper, but as it's not documented, you have to ... Read more »

Pass ListView SelectedItems to ViewModel in Universal apps

One of the things that WinRT devs need to work around in Universal apps is the fact that you can't bind straight to SelectedItems of a ListView/GridView. There are a few ways to pass SelectedItems to the ViewModel and here's one that can get the job done quickly. The ... Read more »

MenuFlyout flip animation on Windows Phone WinRT

MenuFlyouts are a standard part of Windows Phone apps. If you go to system apps such as Calendar and try to switch view by clicking the button in the Command/AppBar, you'll notice that the MenuFlyout shows and sort of flips. However, if you try to show a MenuFlyout in ... Read more »

Cancel page navigation in MVVM Light and WinRT

There are often situations in which you may want to cancel navigation. Imagine a form being filled in, and all of a sudden user accidentaly presses back button and ... whooops ... all entered data is gone. In that particular situation you might want to ask the user if he wanted to ... Read more »

MVVM Light session at Advanced Technology Days 10

I love talking about MVVM and encourage developers working with XAML platforms to at least explore it, learn more about it, and consider using it in whatever way works best for them and their team. I also love the simplicity of MVVM Light and how it's really easy to learn ... Read more »

Sinergija 14 sessions

This was my third year in a row as a speaker at Sinergija, Microsoft conference taking place in Belgrade. Here are a few words about my sessions and of course links to my presentations. The conference is clearly getting better every year. The venue and accommodation was wisely and well ... Read more »

Larger ProgressBar rectangles on Windows Phone

Normally you'd want to use a standard size of rectangles in an indeterminate ProgressBar. However, in case that you need larger rectangles, there's an easy way to accomplish that! A standard way of adding a ProgressBar is just to define it in XAML and say that it's indeterminate by setting ... Read more »

Demo SensorCore SDK from your Windows Phone using SignalR with Azure Websites

Last weekend I gave a session at KulenDayz about SensorCore SDK. While trying to prepare a good demo, I realized I had 3 possibilities - fake data by shaking my phone (not a good demo), prerecord data and use a simulator (boring demo) or display data in real time as ... Read more »

Launch motion settings without SensorCore SDK

I've been playing with SensorCore SDK lately, and a part of the SDK is the possibility to launch the system motion settings on the device straight from the app to allow the user the change settings related to motion data collection. Here's a tip on how to launch it without ... Read more »

Set supported orientations in XAML on Windows Phone 8.1

Being able to set supported orientations in XAML on every page by simply setting the SupportedOrientations property on PhoneApplicationPage is something Windows Phone developers are used to on Silverlight platform. However, with Windows Phone 8.1 and WinRT platform, it's possible to do so (only?) in code behind. On Windows ... Read more »